• Concentration

    A Brown Rush coffee concentrate is 4 times stronger than an average coffee. It must be diluted with your choice of liquid to prepare a coffee beverage of your taste.

  • Ratio

    We suggest to add 3 parts of a liquid of your preference for every 1 part of concentrate used. This may vary depending on your drink and your taste.

  • Serving

    1 liter of Brown Rush coffee concentrate can yield upto 25 servings of a coffee beverage. This may vary according to your drink size and taste.

  • Why

    It's easy, convenient and smooth. A concentrate can be used to prepare any coffee beverage of your liking - hot or cold, milk or water - within minutes.

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Yes, we only start brewing our concentrate after you place an order making sure you get the best flavor and freshness in every cup.

Introducing Brown Rush starter pack

New here and want to explore? Worry not, we got you. With our starter pack, you can play around with different coffees and roasts to discover your favorite pick before committing to one of them. With this pack, you will get 200 ml of each concentrate.

Flirt around with each and others won't mind because our coffee does not expect you to be monogamous ;)

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